At the age of sixteen I discover the biography of Adam WEISEWELLER written by Patricia LEMONNIER «cabinet maker for the furniture of the Crown of Louis XVI» my mind was captivated by the universe of the French Decorative Arts of the Enlightenment. The know-how and the achievements of an extreme quality of this cabinet maker have given birth to me this vocation to work in the market of the decorative arts of the XVII, XVIII and XIX century.

The Cabinet Stéphane PÉPE was born of the association of the two complementary activities that makes it the first French firm of independent expertise specialized in furniture and French and European decorative arts from the Renaissance to the second half of the 19th century. It is in the heart of the important galleries of Parisian antique dealers, Bernard STEINITZ and Jean GISMONDI, that this technical teaching was carried out, emotional and decorative by spending time with the furniture created by the big names of the XVIII cabinetmaker, such as Gilles OPPENORT, Charles CRESSENT, Bernard VAN RISEN BURG, Jacques DUBOIS, J.P LATZ. Golden and patinated bronzes, antique busts and inlaid tables of polychrome marbles as well as other outstanding art objects also stand out.

For several decades, Stéphane PÉPE has led one of the best restoration workshops in France and, in parallel with this technical training, he has graduated from the Ecole du Louvre in European decorative art from the XVII-XVIII and XIX as well as the Sorbonne in Art History. In addition, my status as an E.E of the National Chamber of Experts specialized in objects of art and collection and as a judicial expertIn Provence, the firm and its clients benefit from a unique level of expertise based on rigour, impeccable ethics, professionalism and total confidentiality.