With the aim of a possible sale the estimations are free and confidential

The expertise of paintings, of furniture, works of art and collection is the core business of the Office of expertise Stéphane PEPE. It is a completely free, personalized and strictly confidential service. His specialized collaborators and experts covering all the specialities of the market of art are at your disposal for any expertise.

To make estimate your works of art, you can:

-Send your photographies* by e-mail by using the form below or by mail in the department of the expertise.

– Arrange an appointment in your place of residence with one of our experts. Of such meeting are possible in all France and bordering countries.

Attend in the days of expertises.

* To realize a precise estimation of your object do not hesitate to supply us all the information with your ownership (date, signature, technique, dimensions, state of preservation, etc.).

Note: the estimations on photos are freed subject to examining objects personally.


The inventory is realized on the spot, by an auctioneer assisted by our judicial experts. Every inventory gives rise to the establishment of a written document sent to the owner of objects.

Why to make an inventory of your movables?

To know the value of a set of oeuvres of art

To realize a division(sharing)

To realize a donation inter vivos

To negotiate an insurance contract

Within the framework of a succession

With the aim of sale

How make proceed to an inventory?

If the inventory is followed by a putting on sale he(it) is made for free. If the sale intervened that later, the expenses of inventory would be retroceded to you in proportion to the sold objects. For any inventory and meeting (appointment) at home, please contact the department of the inventory.

* Specialists team in all the domains is at your disposal. To benefit from their advice(councils), confidential and free, you can book an appointment or meet them during their visits near you during the days of expertises